CP/M Disk 3 - Disk Utilities

Apple II 5.25 disk. published by LOGIC

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CP/M Disk 3 - Disk Utilities © 198? LOGIC [Loyal Ontario Group Interested In Computers]

This disk contains several utilities, some of which are improvements over those in CP/M 1. DOCumentation files are present on disk for LU, SQ and USQ. By using the TYPE ______.DOC command, you can display the instructions on your screen or send them to a printer. DU 77 is an improvement of CU-V75 on CP/M-1. The documentation for DU-V75 is included on this disk. This is a disk editor which allows you to read in any sector from a disk, display it, edit it and re-write it to disk. It also has a 'map' function which shows you where files are physically located on disk. RPIP is an improvement over PIP and allows you to simply enter 'R' to reset your drives. SWEEP is an improvement over the previous version (7K vs 28K) and uses the same commands and help menu. It is CP/M's equivalent to FID. TURNKEY allows you to create a turnkey system for CP/M to boot up a 'HELLO' program. FINDBAD will check your disk for bad sectors, indicating the location of those bad sectors and whether they are in directory or data areas. ENSOFT removes the soft carriage returns which result from transferring a DOS 3.3 text file to CP/M, and replaces them with a 'hard' carriage return. This is handy if you transfer DOS text files into the CP/M environment to use with Wordstar. SAPX sorts out the files on disk into an ordered directory, replacing spaces in the directory listing. 800T will boot out of the CP/M environment and get you back to Applesoft without turning off your machine. LU allows you to manipulate library files - you can take several files from a CP/M disk and combine them into a single 'library' file which has several advantages, including the ease of files maintenance and saving space on disk. The SQueeze and UnSQueeze programs (which are also built into SWEEP) permit file squeezing to decrease their size, to save space on disk and to decrease transmission time in telecommunications.


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