CP/M Disk 19

Apple II 5.25 disk. published by LOGIC

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CP/M Disk 19 © 198? LOGIC [Loyal Ontario Group Interested In Computers]

This disk from Sonia Brock contains: CPM.HLP, a public domain file which should save a new user the cost of an additional manual; LISTT.COM which will print out text files in condensed form; M7MMII.COM, a Modem730 for the Hayes Micromodem II; M7LIB.COM & M7LIB.DOC which will allow the user to change the phone #s in M7MMII.COM (command to use or list it is CAL); NSWP205.COM which allows one to first ag and then hit to squeeze and unsqueeze files; UNERA.COM allows recovery of accidentally erased files; NULU.COM is a menu driven updated version of LU.COM - just type -M to see the menu; and SPLITTER.COM, a small sample Library file.


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