A 44-year-old Coin-op Misc. Game by SEGA Enterprises

Not emulated in MAME


Cowboy © 1974 Sega.

The player is positioned behind a cowboy who is seated on a horse chasing a run-a-way steer across the open plain of the old west. The player is in control of the lasso that the cowboy is twirling in wide loops in preparation for roping the steer that is escaping in changing direction ahead of him.

The objective of the game is for the player to release the lasso at the proper point in its arc so as to enlarge the end loop of the lasso around the steer's horns. He uses a large button activated by the palm of the hand to project the lasso when he feels the direction and timing to be correct. When executed succesfully the steer is roped and 'hits the dust' in realistic portrayal of actual capture... tumbling over and over with feet flying.


Cowboy the Coin-op Misc. Game
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Dimensions : 72in. High x 28in. Wide x 41in. Deep.


1 point is scored when the steer is 'thrown'.

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