A 34-year-old Arcade Video Game by Taito America

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Not emulated in MAME


Cosmopolis © 1984 Taito.

A vertical shoot 'em up.

Defend your city from attacking alien fighters.

An electro-magnetic force field surrounds the city and it is your job to protect the force field from alien fighters. Position your fighter ship to fire missiles and destroy alien fighters. Your missiles will also destroy alien bombs.

If an alien bomb hits the electro-magnetic force field, it will slowly destroy it piece by piece. Random ground repair crews will come through and repair the force field. Protect these men. If an alien bomb hits them, they will be destroyed.

Your fighter ship can protect the city by ramming enemy ships or the bombs approaching entry to the city. But beware! Your fighter ship can withstand only two direct hits in a row, a third hit will destroy both fighter ship and the city ending the game.

If you destroy all alien fighters, a new city will appear, and a new command of alien fighters will begin to attack.


Cosmopolis the Arcade Video Game
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It seems this games was never released.

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