Cosmo Gang - The Puzzle [Model SHVC-CI]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 30 years ago by NAMCOT

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Cosmo Gang - The Puzzle [Model SHVC-CI] screenshot

Cosmo Gang - The Puzzle © 1993 NAMCOT.

Cosmo Gang the Puzzle is a cute Tetris-like puzzle game by Namco, sequel of Cosmo Gang and Cosmo Gang the Video. The cute pink frog aliens are back and they once again try to invade the Earth. Nearly, as this time around they want to blow it up. Rows of various and colorful aliens fall down from the top of the screen. The player must arrange them, and various other blocks, so they can be destroyed before they become a threat. An added twist to the gameplay is how these aliens need to be crushed with a blue ball as they randomly appear on the playfield. A red arrow shows the direction in which it will roll and this way help trigger spectacular avalanches of awesome destructive power. This certainly reminds the original Cosmo Gang game where aliens had to be shot with a light gun. Like with any Tetris game out there, the game will only end with a well deserved Game Over when blocks, and aliens in this case, reach the top of the screen. Other options are of course available, such as a two players mode and a fun puzzle mode. This last mode gets the player to resolve simple puzzles where pre-arranged stacks of blocks and aliens need to be cleaned up in order to get to the next stage.


Cartridge ID: SHVC-CI


Released on February 26, 1993 in Japan for 7900 Yen.


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com