Cosmic Corridor

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by ZiMAG

Emulated in MAME !

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Cosmic Corridor © 1983 ZiMAG.

The expression 'Lost in Space' takes on new meaning when it happens to you. You're suspended in time - caught in hostile space between the edges of the galaxy where only your best star cruiser navigational skills can bring you home. And as if that's not bad enough, you are under constant attack from all sorts of space vermin from alien monsters to rogue fighters. Keep your wits about you and your turbo lasers blasting and maybe you'll have a chance.

Your laser cannon moves in the same direction that you move the joystick - up, down, left or right. Firing is a little bit different. Move the joystick in the direction you'd like to fire, but you don't have to hold it there because the target computer will aim in that direction until you change it. For rapid fire, hold the action button down.

Features 4 game variations:
GAME 1: The easiest of the four variations.
GAME 2: The second most difficult variation.
GAME 3: The third most difficult variation.
GAME 4: The hardest of the four variations. Don't start on this variation unless you're an arcade ace!


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Depending on which aliens you destroy, they're worth 30 or 40 points.


Some strategical advice: keep that Fire Button down all the time, and when nothing is on the screen, aim up. This way you won't be caught by surprise. And when everything looks hopeless and a slew of bullets is heading toward you, change directions from up or down or vice versa. Sure, it's a last resort, but sometimes the bullets will take a slightly different curve and miss you.

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