Cosmic Chasm [Model HS-4050]

GCE Vectrex published 41 years ago by GCE

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Cosmic Chasm © 1982 GCE [General Consumer Electric]

Can you save the galaxy by blowing up the alien-inhabited planet... and get off the planet before you explode? You must burrow deep inside, finding your way through the underground maze while battling the Planet Protectors. If you can get to the center, plant your one bomb and try to find your way out. It's only a matter of seconds before the planet goes BOOM!


Model HS-4050

Joystick: Rotates your ship. Pulling back releases bomb in center chamber.
Button 1: Drill.
Button 2: Shield.
Button 3: Thrust.
Button 4: Fire.


This was the first home game ever to be ported from the home to the arcade.


Destroying Planet Protector: 80 points
Destroying Planet Protector after first cavern: 80 points + 10 for each additional cavern
Drilling to next cavern: 25 points
Getting to next cavern while escaping planet: 100 points
Completion of successful mission: 1000 points


Hidden message: A developer credit can be accessed by holding 1 + 2 + 4 on the title screen until the music ends.


Programmed by: William Havkins


Game's ROM.