Contra [Model RC762]

MSX 2 cart. published 34 years ago by Konami Industry

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Contra © 1989 Konami Industry Company, Limited.

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[Model RC762]
Barcode: 4988602544763


Contra for MSX2 was released on May 26, 1989 in Japan.

The MSX2 version of Contra greatly differs from the arcade and NES versions. Due to hardware limitations of the MSX2, the game does not scroll but instead uses flip-screens like Konami's other MSX2 games such as the original Metal Gear and Vampire Killer. The player is given a life gauge, allowing their character sustain more than one shot before losing a life. There are two main power-ups in the MSX2 version, a Falcon-shaped power-up that increases the player's walking and shooting speed, as well as a gun-shaped power-up which allows the player to change their current weapon. After picking up the weapon power-up, the player can choose between the default Normal Gun or four other weapons. The Spread Gun is not featured in this version, replaced by Rear Gun similar to the tailgun in certain Gradius games, which fires at two directions at the same time. The MSX2 Contra is composed of 19 stages. The first nine stages are based on the arcade version (which excludes the Hangar stage), while the final ten stages are new to this version. Unlike the arcade and NES versions, the MSX2 version is single-player only.


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [JP] (feb.2, 2010) [Model XALJ]
Nintendo Wii U [Virtual Console] [JP] (oct.15, 2014) [Model MNGJ]


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