Congo Bongo [Model 006-01]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

Congo Bongo [Model 006-01] screenshot

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Congo Bongo © 1983 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

You're a hunter on a jungle safari. The jungle is full of creatures determined to give you a run for your life but none of them can match the mischief of CONGO BONGO, the jungle gorilla.

On the first screen you'll have to climb Jungle Mountain to get the gorilla. Climb the cliffs and leap across the chasm. Don't get a monkey on your back or you won't get anywhere. Watch out for the coconuts CONGO will throw your way. They're deadly!

The second screen takes you to the Great Jungle River in your search for CONGO BONGO. You'll have to cross the river by hopping on hippos, floating lily pads and man-eating fish. Once you cross you'll have to deal with charging rhinos and they're no fun. One slip and it's safari heaven!


Model 006-01


You begin each screen of play level #1 with 5000 bonus points. The number of bonus points steadily decreases by 100 points until you reach zero and have run out of time. As you advance play levels the beginning number of bonus points is higher:
PLAY LEVEL 2: 6000 points
PLAY LEVEL 3: 7000 points
PLAY LEVEL 4: 8000 points
PLAY LEVEL 5 or more: 9000 points
EACH STEP TAKEN: 10 points

When you earn 10,000 points you receive an additional life. You will play that life immediately after your current life is over.


* At the beginning of the first screen, there are some safe spots on the far left where you can avoid coconuts.

* To cross the bridge, notice that the coconuts come in waves.

* On Monkey Plateau, there are a few safe spots near the river's edge.

* On screen number one you can safely jump over the river any place along its bank. The further away from the white water edge the safer it is to jump.

* On screen number two jump very carefully from place to place.


Developed by Beck-Tech.

Programmers: Steve Beck, Phat Ho


Game's ROM.