Computer Quiz

Coin-op Misc. game published 56 years ago by Nutting Associates, Inc.

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Computer Quiz © 1967 Nutting Associates.

Answer one of the 2,500 multiple choice questions projected onto the screen by pushing one of five keys. The keys were marked A, B, C, D, E.

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Computer Quiz contains over 2,500 questions.

This game was initially designed by a company who created a testing/trivia machine for the US Navy. When an investor joked that it should have a coin slot on it, Bill thought it was a great idea and contacted his engineer brother Dave to make it a reality.

It was also released under the name "I.Q. Computer" in a similar cabinet.

Both games were successful as they were able to get around the stigma that many coin-op games had at the time - that coin-op equaled gambling. With pinball machines banned in most locations, including major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, Computer Quiz and I.Q. Computer could be placed anywhere you couldn't put a pinball machine as they were seen as edutainment devices.

Computer Quiz sold 4,200 units while I.Q Computer sold 3,600 thanks to this situation. At the time, a pinball machine was lucky to reach 1,500 sales.

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Designed by: Bill Nutting


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Game's flyer
Atari Inc. - Business Is Fun, pgs. 34-35