Computer Golf! [Model AJ9410]

Magnavox Odyssey² cart. published 45 years ago by Magnavox, The

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Computer Golf! [Model AJ9410] screenshot

Computer Golf! © 1978 Magnavox.

A nine hole, par 36, electronic golf course for one to four players. Realistic electronic golfers hit long drives and fairways shots! They pitch and chip up to the green! Suddenly the screen changes automatically to show a close up of the green itself. Putt out then go on to a new hole with a different layout and challenge! This is a remarkably complete electronic simulation. You really walk the course and have true control over backswing, distance and direction. Hit into the trees and your electronic golfer will pound the ground with a club and spout some extremely colorful electronic language! Digital scoring! Sync sound action!


Game ID: AJ9410


Programmer: Sam Overton


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