Computer Baseball

Coin-op Misc. Game published 46 years ago by MCI

Not emulated yet.


Computer Baseball © 1973 MCI (Milwaukee Coin Industries).

Computer Baseball is a game of batting skill and fielding strategy. It can be played by two players or one player and extended for a full nine innings.

The batter chooses from 4 different pitches : inside curse, fast ball, slider or change-up, and his struck ball can give him a single, double, triple, walk, home run or out. The 2nd player, acting as the signal calling manager of the fielding team, tries to block the batter's scoring attempts.

A hold score button encourages players to run uo their scores through successive innings of play.

Realistic sound effects accompany the game play : constant crowd sounds, cheering fans and whistles for home runs, beeps for runs batted in and raspberries for outs.

Scores, out and innings are boldly presented by 6 digital readout tubes.


Depth : 9in.
Height : 71in.
Width : 25.5in.
Weight : 85 lbs.

Machine's picture.