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Compucolor II

Computer published 42 years ago by Intelligent Systems

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Compucolor II © 1977 Intelligent Systems Corp.


It was a lower-cost version of the Compucolor. Unlike its predecessor, it was an all-in-one computer, meaning that mainboard, monitor and floppy disk drive were integrated into one case.

To lower costs, the original Compucolor's custom monitor and housing was re-packaged into a standard GE 13" color television set, from which the TV-tuner controls section was removed. The machine was based on the Intel 8080 and used an SMC-supplied graphics chip (CRT5027) that provided 128 by 128 in 8 colors. The system was sold with as little as 8 KB of RAM, expandable up to 32 KB, and offered with one of three keyboards, which attached to the computer with a ribbon cable. A ROM-based BASIC was also included.


Most software for this computer was written by hobbyists, with some software written by third parties. Intelligent Systems created a few software titles of their own. The most important title for the Compucolor II was probably a game called 'Startrek'.

Machine's bios.