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Commando [Model CX7838]

Atari 7800 game published 30 years ago by Atari

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Commando © 1989 Atari Corp.

You are the crack shot Commando, battling overwhelming odds to defeat advancing rebel forces! You carry out your lone crusade through hostile territory, armed with only a rifle and a few hand grenades.

Enemy fire flies past you from every direction. Rebel forces leap from caves, trenches, and strongholds to block your progress.

You need to break through the enemy lines to reach the fortress at the end that serves as enemy headquarters. If you're clever, you can replenish your supplies along the way from defeated outposts.

Once you begin your mission, there is no retreat. The fate of the free world rests in your hands!


Model CX7838


Destroying an enemy: 300 points
Destroying a vehicle: 500 points
Blowing up a pillbox: 500 points
Picking up a grenade box: 1000 points
Rescuing a prisoner: 2000 points
Destroying an enemy officer: 2000 points

You receive 5000 bonus points each time you successfully complete an area and 10,000 points for a mission.


* You receive a new life at every 60,000 points.

* It is important to keep moving forward at all times. Do not remain in one place for too long to fight the enemy.

* Be on the lookout for underground enemy camps. Grenade explosions will reveal their locations.

* Acquire as many grenades as possible.

* Watch for weapons. Any weapon you find could help you through an area.


Programmer: Dwain Skinner

Game's ROM.