Command & Conquer [Model SLES-00530/10530]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

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Command & Conquer © 1996 Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

Command and Conquer, the PC game of the year, continues its quest for world domination on Playstation.

Build and better your bases, Unite or divide your forces. Develop and utilise guerrilla tactics and a wealth of potent electronic hardware in your attempt to crush the opposition. Every action can so easily trigger a fast and violent reaction. Every real-time battle can so easily rage long and hard.

All the original CandC levels plus 6 extra levels especially written for Playstation, plus all 15 COVERT OPERATIONS missions. Fast-paced gameplay scrolls at 60 frames per second and spans two CD's of military madness and mayhem.


CD 1 ID: SLES-00530
CD 2 ID: SLES-10530


Released in December 1996 in Europe.

Export releases:
[DE] "Command & Conquer [Model SLES-00532/10532]"
[US] "Command & Conquer [Model SLUS-00379/00410]"
[JP] "Command & Conquer [Model SLPS-00976~7]"