Color Bar Generator

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Video Soft., Inc.

Listed in MAME

Color Bar Generator © 1984 Video Soft.

The test pattern cartridge contains 15 displays that can be used to check or align most adjustments for a black and white or color television. One pattern is also included to check the alignment of the color generation circuitry on the Atari VCS console circuit board. A 1kHz and 3kHz tone can be selected with the DIFFICULTY SWITCHES, and the patterns can be selected by scrolling forward or backwards through the list via the GAME SELECT or GAME RESET console switches.

* Title page and VCS color adjustment pattern
* Color bar pattern
* Grey scale pattern
* Cross hatch pattern
* Dot pattern
* Vertical lines
* Horizontal lines
* Center cross
* Circle pattern
* Wide vertical bars
* Window pattern
* White screen
* Red screen
* Green screen
* Blue screen


Released on February 01, 1984.


Game's ROM.