College Football USA 96

A 23-year-old Sega Genesis Game by Electronic Arts

College Football USA 96 screenshot

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College Football USA 96 © 1995 Electronic Arts.


Cartridge ID: 7491


Programming by: Jim Simmons
Art Direction: George Simmons
Music & Sound by: Joel Simmons, Jim Simmons
Executive Producer: Scott Orr
Supervising Producer: Rob Martyn
Line Producer: Kevin Hogan
Associate Producer: Ted Fitzgerald
Lead Tester: Greg Kawamura
Testing: John Melchior, Sean House, Ken Spalasso
Technical Director: David Walker
Product Manager: H. Erik Whiteford
Team and Player Ratings: Bob Waldstein, Ted Fitzgerald
Mastering: John Williams
Special Thanks: Kyra Pehrson, Maria Bahamondes, Brian Jackson, Robert Jones, Jennifer Blackmon

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