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Coin-Operated Honor Box [Tobacco]

Vending Machine published by Rich's

Impossible to emulate.

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Coin-Operated Honor Box [Tobacco] © 17?? Rich's


The rectangular case with a fixed bail handle, the top with two locking and hinged ends enclosing compartments, one end with a coin slot and plunger, on ball feet, with the maker's mark RICH'S PATENT.

7in. (18cm.) high, 9½in. (24cm.) long, 4¾in. (12cm.) deep.


Honor boxes were commonly found in inns and pubs. An English penny was inserted into the slot, depressing the plunger and then opening the opposing door to a tobacco compartment. The patron was then 'on his honor' to take only a pipeful of tobacco. The side with the slot collected the coins, with the keys cut to open one way to the coin compartment and the other to the tobacco compartment. These boxes were commonly engraved with the owner's or firm's name and dates.

Box's picture.