Coin-O-Matic [4-Reel model]

Slot Machine published 65 years ago by Australian Engineers & Metal Stampers Pty.

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Coin-O-Matic © 1957 Australian Engineers & Metal Stampers.

4-reel bell.



The Coin-O-Matic was made by a man with the surname of Wilson, in his garage at Five Dock in Sydney NSW Australia. He only made about 10 machines a year, maybe less, so they are very rare.

The particular machine was produced in 1966 and was installed in the Entrance Bowling club, which was one of a few clubs Wilson in his sixties at the time serviced. This machine didn't utilize a clock to determine the reel speed unlike all the others of it's time. It used a hydraulic damper instead, and the viscosity/thickness of the oil/fluid adjusted the speed, and this machine is one of a kind!


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