Coco Nuts [Model 1001]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Telesys

Coco Nuts [Model 1001] screenshot

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Coco Nuts © 1982 Telesys

Stanley the intrepid jungle explorer is under attack from Coco the monkey! Coco is up in the trees throwing coconuts at Stanley. You control Stanley and need to dodge the incoming coconuts. You begin the game equipped with a helmet and an umbrella to protect yourself. Each time you are hit by a coconut, you lose one of these items. You may also regain an item by scoring enough points. The game ends when you have nothing left to protect yourself and a coconut hits you. Of course, the longer you can last in the game, the faster it becomes!


Model 1001


Created by: Jack Woodman
Designed by: Jim Rupp


Game's ROM.