Club Pacman / Lambada

Pirate Arcade Video game kit published 30 years ago by Miky srl

Club Pacman / Lambada screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Club Pacman / Lambada © 1991 Miky S.r.l.

Club Pacman is a Ms.Pac-Man-like game with the same object as Pac-Man except, Club Pacman has some new features including: Music when you eat a Power Pellet, Turbo speed when eating a Power Pellet, Fast fruit, faster ghosts when you get good, and speed options.


Club Pacman is a Pac-Man kit.


The name MIKY seen in the game comes from the game developers' name, Miguel Ojeda. Miguel worked for a company known as S.A Amusements which owned many casinos and arcades in Argentina. They also made arcade cabinets and other hacks of famous games such as Pole Position, and they made their own casino machines. The main melody in the game is from Kaoma (the lambada theme) which was very famous in South America around the 90's. Miguel's other hacks would be TC 2000 which is a ROM hack of Pole Position, Clement Trick, and some Sega Genesis ROM hacks as well.


Developed by: Miguel Ojeda


Game's ROM.