Club Around the World

Fruit Machine published by JPM International

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Club Around the World © 200? JPM.

The player must hi-lo gamble up to that point in order to exchange into the feature. Each time the player lands on an 'around the world' feature position a random number of letters are filled into the ‘around the world’ name fill. If the name is completed, an extra life is awarded. As the player progresses along the feature board, each move on the hi-lo reel is represented by a suitcase being illuminated. When all odd numbers or all even numbers are complete this results in a bonus whereby each feature pot square is awarded twice for each completed odd or even suitcase column.


Club Around The World is a club product that features a 'pre-gamble' on the base game. This offers the player the option to complete the feature trail in various ways. There are three game options : 'economy', 'business' and 'first class'. All are depicted by a passport on the bottom glass. The player can exchange into the feature game at the indicated point on the award card.


Released in UK.


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