Civil War

HP 2000 soft. published 53 years ago by Gram & Goodie & Hibbard

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Civil War © 1968 Gram & Goodie & Hibbard.

A war strategy simulation. You play as the confederacy in the American Civil War, and need to allocate funds and decide on a strategy to win as many battles as you can. Each turn will provide a brief overview of the battle, and allow you to allocate funds for food, salaries, and weapons as well as choose the offensive or defensive strategy you wish to use. The computer will then display the results of the battle which depend on the choices you make. The battles used in the game are actual battles from the war, and the computer will compare the results of the choices you made to the actual historical results.

It's also possible to play against another player instead of against historical results.


Written by: L. Cram, L. Goodie, D. Hibbard
2-player mode option by: G. Paul, R. Hess


* Computers:
Wang 2200 (1975)
PTC Sol-20 (1977)
Commodore PET (1978)
DOS (1983)