Chuckie Egg

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 35 years ago by A&F Soft.

Chuckie Egg screenshot

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Chuckie Egg © 1984 A&F Software.


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The Sinclair ZX Spectrum version is a simple version compared to the others, with some graphical glitches distinct to the spectrum (e.g. ladders changing color to the character on them). It's still highly rated for a ZX spectrum game, rated number 13 in the Official Top 100 Games of All Time within Your Sinclair.

Gameplay changes from other platforms:
- Both the time and bonus counter reset on death.
- The ducklings reverse directions at a ladder/floor intersections.
- Simplified jump physics. This is helpful in some cases, as with Level 7 where you get an additional route.


Written by: Nigel Alderton

Game's ROM.