Chuck Norris Superkicks [Model 99003]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 35 years ago by Xonox, Inc.

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Chuck Norris Superkicks © 1983 Xonox.

You are Chuck Norris trying to reach an ancient monastery to rescue a famous leader that is being held hostage. BEWARE! Dangerous warriors lie in waiting to spoil your efforts to reach your goal. You begin your journey as a White Belt, the first belt in the sport of Karate. By defeating the attackers, scoring points, and learning new martial skills, you will earn each of the colored belts associated with the Tang Soo Do style of karate. You must achieve the highest rank of all, the Black Belt, in order to reach and enter the monastery which is guarded by the fearsome NINJA assassins.


Model 99003


* You must practice in order to learn the timing of karate.

* When using the THRUST KICK, stand with your head slightly higher than the enemy, then pull down on the joystick and press the fire button.

* When using the PUNCH, stand with your head slightly lower than the enemy's shoulders, then push up on the joystick and press the fire button. It is easier to punch the enemies in the mid-section than in the head.

* When using the SOMERSAULT SUPERKICK, be sure to time your jump. You cannot defeat an enemy while in the middle of your SUPERKICK. You must complete the SUPERKICK, then kick the warrior.

* Use the SUPERKICK to jump over STARS which are thrown at you in the harder fight screens.

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