Chris Kamara's Street Soccer [Model SLES-02948]

Sony PlayStation CD published 22 years ago by Midas Int. Ent.

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Chris Kamara's Street Soccer © 2000 Midas Int. Ent.

The world's strongest 5-a-side football teams await you for the most exciting challenges you've ever faced. You'll need all your ability, physical strength, speed and a wealth of fantastic special moves to proclaim yourself the Master of Street Soccer!


Game ID: SLES-02948


This game was released on September 01, 2000 in Europe.

Chris Kamara (born 25 December 1957) is an English former professional footballer and football manager who now works as a presenter and football analyst at Sky Sports. He played as a midfielder and played for several clubs in England during a 21-year playing career.

The game incorrectly has Prague representing Norway instead of the Czech Republic.


Developed by Pixelstorm

Producer: Massimiliano Sacchi
Game Designer: Massimiliano Sacchi
Lead Programmer: Teodoro Di Bello
Lead Artist: Stefano Ricciardi
Programmers: Francesco Cacace, Fausto Cardone
Graphic Artists: Donato Cannatello, Francesco Paduano
QA Control: Massimiliano Di Monda
Music and SFX: Vanni Miele
Production Assisstant: Monica Dell'Anna