Chou Makaimura R [Model AGB-ACJJ-JPN]

Nintendo GBA Game published 17 years ago by Capcom

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Chou Makaimura R © 2002 Capcom Company, Limited.

Are ya scared yet?

Capcom resurrects the classic zombie-slaying adventure Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts for the Game Boy Advance.

The Original Survival Horror Game
Originally released for the Super Famicom, this side-scrolling action title follows the fearless knight Arthur on his quest to save the beloved Princess Prin Prin. Players must jump, shoot and slash their way through eight merciless levels of old-school platforming for the privilege of facing the evil lord Sardius.

Anyone who's played a Makaimura title before should be instantly at home with the control setup. Arthur begins his adventure with a set of basic armor and his trusty jousting spear. His main task is to dispatch the myriad of zombies, wolves and brigands lurking along the way. Each level also features its own unique end boss to defeat.

Along your journey, you can find different types of weapons, each with its own fire and strength attributes. Armor upgrades allow Arthur to perform screen-clearing spell attacks.

Not content with a simple port, Capcom has also included an expansive Remix Mode that adds plenty of replay value. This new mode of play alters the level designs and includes areas from the arcade version of Chou Makaimura.

Not only are the quests more difficult, but they will also branch off into new levels, depending on which armor you were wearing at the end of the previous level. Fortunately, there's a handy battery save feature that allows weary adventurers to take a break.

If Looks Could Kill
Players of the original version will be hard pressed to find graphical differences in the Game Boy Advance revision. All the original music and sound effects have also made the transition without missing a beat.

Any Last Words?
Fans of classic side-scrolling adventure games should definitely give Chou Makaimura a go. Just be sure to pack plenty of patience because this game will push your skills to the limit.




Chou Makaimura R for Game Boy Advance was released on July 19, 2002 in Japan.

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