Choplifter! [Model CX7821]

Atari 7800 Game published 32 years ago by Atari

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Choplifter! © 1987 Atari Corporation.

The 64 hostages are locked in four Bungeling prison barracks, 16 hostages per barracks. You must rescue them in your helicopter and fly them to safety. Your mission is divided into three Sorties, with one chopper per Sortie.

When a Sortie begins, your helicopter is revving up on the pad. When the music ends, move the controller handle forward to lift off. Then move the handle left, right, or diagonally to fly in that direction. Release the handle to land.

While flying, press the right controller button to change the direction you're facing. As you press the button, you'll alternately face right, forward, or left.

Press the left controller button to fire your chopper's machine gun or drop bombs. When the chopper is facing sideways, the machine gun will fire. Use this on airborne targets and to shoot open the barracks. To drop bombs on the ground attackers, face forward, then press the left button.

Once in the air, you'll have to fight off Bungeling ground and air forces to get close to a barracks. Shoot open the barracks to free the hostages, then land your helicopter so they can scramble in. You can fit up to 16 hostages at once inside the chopper. Retreat to the post office and descend. You must land on the pad in order for the hostages to climb out. Then return to the battlezone for more action.

If your chopper is shot down, another appears at the post office until all your choppers are lost. Choplifter! ends when you lose your third helicopter or when all hostages are rescued or lost.


Model CX7821


Atari 7800 version programmed for Atari by Ibid Inc.

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