Chocolate Factory

Coin-op Redemption Game published 23 years ago by WGA

Not emulated yet.


Chocolate Factory © 1996 WGA [Win n Grin Amusements].

The game play is very simple, the customer directs the claw over a chosen chocolate bar and drops the claw by pressing the button on top of the joystick. It is here the electronics take over, as the claw lowers and attempts to grab a chocolate bar (made easier by having rubber tips on the claws) The gantry then returns the result to locate over the mirror slide and drops its bounty onto the surface. The product, if originally picked up and held, will then slide down to the pusher system and falls mostly on the tail end of the product on the slide deck. It may then push the other products forward with the chance that one or more products at the very end of the slide deck, will topple over the end and into the prize box for collection of the customer.


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