Chessmaster 3-D [Model SLUS-00052]

Sony PlayStation disc published 25 years ago by Mindscape, Inc.

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Chessmaster 3-D © 1995 Mindscape, Inc.


Game ID: SLUS-00052


Export releases:
[JP] "Chessmaster 3-D [Model SLPS-00331]" (1996)


Designed by: David L. Bringhurst
Developed by: David L. Bringhurst
Software Project Manager: David L. Bringhurst
Producer: Glen Hendrickson
Programmers: David L. Bringhurst, John Taylor, Jeff Davies, Donald W. Laabs, Brian Greenstone, Mark Berrett, Michael E. Duffy
Art Project Manager: Ruth Stahnke
Assistant Art Manager: Kathleen Lowe
Saffire Artists: Ruth Stahnke, Kathleen Lowe, Murphy Michaels, Jason Price, Sterling Hirsch, Mary Gurr, Lee Phung, Dallin Haws
Mindscape Artists: Ben Fischer, Jeff Griffeath, John Root, Becca Martinson
QA Lead: Marty LaFleur
QA Technician: Buck Irving
QA Tester: Jon Howe
Alpha QA: Kevin Mossberger, Hugh Mason
QA Manager: Scot Lane
DTS Engineer: William Emery
DTS Technician: Justin Kubiak
DTS Manager: David Lawrence
Music and Sound Effects by: Fat Box Inc.
Additional Sound Effects by: Michael Bartlow
Vivaldi Concerto no. 4, from 'The Four Seasons' (Op. 8 no. 4) 'Winter' - Second movement (La Ploggia): Steven Goldstein (Arrangement), Patricia Mabee (Harpsicord Solo)
Mozart Symphony no. 20 in G Major (1st movement excerpt) By arrangement with: Capitol - OGM Production Music
Handel's 'Entrance of the Queen of Sheba': Steven Goldstein (Arrangement), Patricia Mabee (Harpsichord Solo)
Chess Engine version 2.53 Designed and Programmed by: Johan de Koning

Mindscape Sports
Executive Producer: Michael Meischeid
Senior Vice President: Donald W. Laabs

Mindscape Creative Services
Marketing Coordinator: Laura Freedman
Graphic Artist: Myrna Peskin
Director: Julie Stier
Special Thanks to: Jeff Davies
Featuring: Donald W. Laabs (The Chessmaster)