Cheese Chase

A Coin-op Redemption Game by 5 Star Redemption, Inc.

Not emulated yet.


Cheese Chase © 199? 5 Star Redemption.

Cheese Chase consists of a lighted clock face with a motorized spinner, a player console with large buttons and a numeric display for game play, speakers for sound effects, two coin acceptors, and a ticket dispenser. The objective is to skillfully stop the spinner to a desirable position to maximize the number of points won.

Cheese Chase offers very fast and interesting play with many different strategies for maximizing points won.
1) Insert coins(s) to ready the game for play.
2) Push the Start button to begin the Mouse spinning.
3) There are several seconds in which to influence where the Mouse will stop by skillfully pushing the Start and Stop Button.
4) Points are awarded when you avoid stopping on a Mouse Trap. The game ends immediately when the Mouse stops there.
5) Points are awarded and displayed in addition to any accumulated points already won.
6) Tickets may be dispensed each time that you avoid landing on a Mouse Trap.


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