Chaos Field [Model GDL-0025]

Sega NAOMI GD-ROM published 18 years ago by Able

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Chaos Field [Model GDL-0025] screenshot

Chaos Field © 2004 Able Corporation, Limited.

Do you love battling the boss ships that appear at the end of each level of your favorite shmup? How about a game where you battle nothing BUT bosses? Your wish is granted with Chaos Field!!

The game draws on elements from other shooters to create its own unique hybrid style of play. You'll have a lock-on feature to take enemies and certain bullets out, as well as a "Radiant Silvergun"-style short-range energy field that will absorb certain bullets.

The action plays out in top-down fashion in the time-honored traditions of the shooting genre. Enemies and bullets will swarm like bees to honey, and it will be up to you to destroy everything, while avoiding getting blown up.


GD ID: GDL-0025

Runs on the Sega "NAOMI GD-ROM System" hardware.

Players: 1
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 3
=> [A] Shoot, [B] Sword, [C] Change field


Chaos Field was released in June 2004 in Japan only.

Milestone released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Chaos Field Sound Track - STVR-001) on 28/10/2004.


* Chaos field weapons :
1. Main attack : straightforward shot.
2. Sword : it can cancel bullets and deal damage to enemies. It can't cancel all bullets, though : homing laser s and purple, arrow-shaped bullets can't be canceled. If you tap three times, the ship will use the left sword, then the right, then both swords: then, it will need half a second to recover. Be careful,then, as this means that you must dodge what you can't cancel..
3. Change field : you basically can switch between order and chaos field, this meaning that you can choose between a more sedate variant of a stage (less attacks), where you get more meta-cubes and thus also more golden cubes by destroying stuff. Your attacks are however weaker... if you switch to chaos field, your attacks will be stronger, you will get less meta-cubes by blowing up enemies, which also are more aggressive (extra attacks and parts). You will be immune to all bullets during the change, and they will also disappear...but you need at least 5 seconds to do a change.
4. Special attacks : are used by pressing together A+B or B+C: the former combination releases a shield, the latter a salvo of homing lasers (your ship will scan an arc in front of it to lock-on enemies and bullets). Both special attacks will start a combo, based on the amount of canceled bullets (you have up to 5 seconds to continue the combo, as shown as the time on the right: it's important to lock-on bullets, and not actually hit them, if you use the homing lasers attack, regarding the combo).

* Meta cubes : you have a special attack stock on your left, made of 10 bars : every special attack uses one bar. If you don't shoot and move, they will automatically be siphoned to your ship. If you max out the bars, every extra meta-cube (golden in appearance) will be worth 10k.


Developed by Milestone.


Sony PlayStation 2 (Dec.2004)
Sega Dreamcast (Dec.2004)
Nintendo GameCube (Feb.2005, "Chaos Field Expanded")
Nintendo Wii (2008; as part of the "Ultimate Shooting Collection")


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Official website; http://www.mile-stone.co.jp/product/chaosfield/chaosfield_top.html