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Championship Surfer [Model SLUS-01216]

Sony PlayStation game published 20 years ago by Mattel Interactive

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Championship Surfer © 2000 Mattel Interactive.

10 outrageous beaches, 5-to-30-foot breakers, and 8 world class surfers including Cory Lopex, Shane Beschen, and Rochelle Ballard.




Released on December 04, 2000 in the USA.

The game was rated E (Everyone, it have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Senior Producer: Darren Atherton
Production Assistant: Alex Marcelo
Director of Marketing: Jeff Hoff
Marketing Manager: James T. Seaman III
Senior QA Manager: Vansouk Lianemany
QA Supervisor: Steven Head
QA Lead: Jess Sterzl
Assistant QA Lead: Toby Abernathy
Testers: Cory Narog, Ian Smith, Joel Lehmann, Haven Rocha, T. J. Cox, Jason Czaro, Erik Lampi, Jim Debolt, Eric Johannessen
Hardware/Compatibility Support: Shane Fenton, Danielle Doiy, Kevin Dewell
General Manager, Entertainment Division: Amy Smith-Boylan
Director of Product Development: Carl C. Norman
VP of Product Development: Bret Berry
PR Manager: Michael Shelling
PR Specialist: Sharon O'Donnell
Support Personnel: Sarah Taylor, Andrea Akmenkalns, Fernando Cuervo, Susan Sulc
Package Design & Advertising: Gumas Advertising
Manual Editor: Dave Sanini
Manual Layout & DTP: Louis Saekow Design

Surfers: Cory Lopez, Shane Beschen, Jason Collins, Tim Reyes, Bill Bryan, Rochelle Ballard, Jon Jon Florence, Nathan Carroll

Chief Executive Officer: Robert Walsh
Development Director: John Passfield
Creative Director: Steven Stamatiadis
Producer: Andy Green
Production Assistants: Andrew Clark, Robert Watson
Championship Surf Consultants: Mark Richardson, Andrew Steele (Ardie)
Office Manager: Marcia Watson
Technical Support: John Barry
Game Manual: Andrew Clark
Sound Team: George Stamatiadis, Robert Crane, Daniel Krenn
Original In‑Game Music: The Other Brothers, Jonah Sharp, George Stamatiadis
Original In‑Game Video: Billygoat Productions
Team Leader: Mario Wynands
Lead Programmer: Tyrone McAuley
Lead Artist: Stuart Middleton
Programming Team: Daniel Sewell, Craig Herring, David Gilligan
Art Team: Corie Geerders, Matt Ditton, Glen Harris, Tim Hancox
Animation Team: Bruno Rime, Jason Stark
QA Manager: John Barry
QA Lead: Robert Watson
QA Staff: John Barry, Tim Berry, Mark Cowie, Shane Gavin, Matt McKillop, Lee Steffensen, Robert Watson
Testers: Andrew Clark, Chris Fowler, Mark Ledwich, James Ludwig, Mark Richardson, Daniel Smart

Game's CD.