Champions - World Class Soccer

A 25-year-old Sega Mega Drive Game by Flying Edge

Champions - World Class Soccer screenshot

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Champions - World Class Soccer © 1993 Flying Edge


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Champions Design Team
Programming: Altair S. Lane
Technical Support: Mark Lyons, Jonathan Miller
Producer: Tenzing Kernan
Assistant Producer: Frank Simon
Graphic Design: Alesia Smith, Steve Quinn, Emmanuel Valdez
Animation: Karen Dole, Ray Swanlund, Chris Meland, Amy Washburn, Scott Rogers, Joe Brisbois
Video Capture Team: Brian O'Hara, Mike Lewis
Sound Effects: Mark Miller
Music: Mark Miller

Acclaim Development - The Grey Team
Producer: Robert Leingang
Associate Producer: Billy Pidgeon
Analysts: Joe Libertella, James Johnson
Administrative Assistant: Diane Cambria
Special Thanks: Stacy Allyn Hendrickson, Eric Kuby, Alex Delucia, Eric Samulski, Brett Gow, Alison Cressey, Mike Archer, Joe Allocco, Christopher Hadley, Morgan Jones

Game's ROM.