Champion Wrestler [Model TP02014]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 33 years ago by Taito Corp.

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Champion Wrestler [Model TP02014] screenshot

Champion Wrestler © 1990 Taito Corp.

Be tough and knock them down!

Two players can compete against each other and four players can have tag matches!!

Test your fighting skills with eight direction pad and buttons I & II

Fighters are chosen from among 8 wrestlers.

The player who wins all eight rounds becomes the champion.

When a player loses or there is a draw, the game ends.


Game ID: TP02014

Players: 4
Control: 8Way Joystick
Buttons: 2
=> [I] Punch, [II] Kick


Champion Wrestler for PCE was released on December 14, 1990 in Japan.

Home release of the arcade game Champion Wrestler that supports up to four players simultaneously.

M. Rastan is the protagonist of the Rastan Saga series, also by Taito. All wrestlers in the game, including Rastan, are based on the following real life professional wrestlers listed below:

R. Garner = Stan Hansen
M. Rastan = Kerry Von Erich
M. Decker = Andre The Giant
G. Samurai = Ricky Steamboat
N. Punks = Road Warrior Animal
B. Machine = Tiger Mask
J. Carbon = Jimmy Snuka
Cobra B. Joe = Tiger Jeet Singh


At the title screen, press Left, Button I, Right, Button II, Select to access a hidden sound test menu.

Win the championship belt in 1P VS COM mode, then successfully defend the title in the DEFENSE MATCH that follows. You'll head to the DREAM MATCH, where you face wrestler King The Brute, exclusive to this version of Champion Wrestler and based on Bruiser Brody.


1. Champion Wrestler (1989, Arcade)
2. Champion Wrestler - Jikkyou Raibu [Model SLPS-00237] (1996, PlayStation)


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] japan (jan.20, 2009)


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