Chakan - The Forever Man [Model 1047]

Sega Genesis cart. published 31 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

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Chakan - The Forever Man [Model 1047] screenshot

Chakan - The Forever Man © 1992 SEGA.

"Darkness falls upon the land as I await the return of the visions that have haunted my nights. Many years have passed since my arrogance doomed me to this life I now live, for I am condemned to walk the countryside until I can overcome the visions that keep me from my rest... I can rely on only my swords and my knowledge of alchemy to release me from these bonds of time."

Slash out with Chakan's double flaming swords and Incredible spinning attacks. Your weapons are alchemy and Immense power. Your enemies are the inhuman Royalty of Supernatural Horror.

Dive through punishing mazes, battling the fire breathing zombles.

12 mystic alchemies conjure up phsychic passage ways to travel through time and space and create potions of invisibility.

Float under a fiend filled sea and hack away at the Dragonfly King and his hideous Castle of Monsters.

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GAME ID: 1047


Released on December 8, 1992 in the USA.

A sequel was planned and developed somewhat by Ed Annunziata's studio AndNow, but no new information about the project has been released as of this writing. It was planned to be released for as many current platforms as possible, according to Ed Annunziata himself in an interview during May 2001.


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