Centipede [Cocktail 19in. model]

Arcade Video Game published 37 years ago by Atari, Inc.

Not emulated yet.


Centipede © 1981 Atari, Incorporated.

For more information about the game itself, see "Centipede [Upright model]".


Cocktail 19-in. model

Height: 26.5 in. (67.31 cm)
Width: 28.25 in. (71.75 cm)
Depth: 33.5 in. (85.09 cm)

Monitor: 19-in. color raster.


This cocktail model was released in September 1981. It was similar in shape to the "Tempest" cocktail model and featured a 19-in. monitor. It was sold for $1,995 at the time of its release.

Although this cocktail model is very rare (only 25 units were produced), it is known to exist because it is pictured on the lower half of the front page of the Centipede promotional flyer, alongside the upright and cabaret models. The cabinet models shown on the front page of the flyer are, from left to right, cabaret, upright, and this rare 19-in. cocktail model.