PC/MS-Windows CD published 23 years ago by Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

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Centipede © 1998 Hasbro Interactive

A modernized 3-D remake of the 1980 Atari classic.

In-game opening narration :

"The story begins every hundred years. It always begins the same way, with a Legend awakening. Legend says that a multitude of armored beasts emerge from the dark core of the Earth. They swarm to the surface, drawn by their master. Every hundred years they try to overtake our world and we always think we've destroyed them. The Legend also has it that every hundred years, we're wrong!

When word came down that the Legend had come to life, we built The Shooter. But we needed a hero to fly it. This year, the magic stick didn't point to the usual hero. It pointed to Wally. Now Wally wasn't one of the usual heroes. In fact, he wasn't a hero at all. He was just a simple bean counter. But when you're asked to save the world, you don't ask why. You just make it happen."

In this modernized 3-D remake of the 1980 Atari classic, Wally must pilot The Shooter through several dangerous regions and many treacherous lands in his quest to save the world from legions of vicious insects, terrible bug hordes, and ultimately, the Queen Pede.

There is also an arcade-style game, which is simply the original Centipede game, from 1980.


Centipede for Windows PC's was released on October 31, 1998 in North America.


Developed by Leaping Lizard Software.