Caverns of Xydrapur [Model 86040]

Commodore C64 cass. published 33 years ago by Gepo Soft

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Caverns of Xydrapur © 1986 Gepo Soft.

Once upon a time in the universe... In this alien world the people called themselves "Earthlings". Their high intelligence enabled them to built "ABSOLUTE CONTROL STATIONS" (ACS) which they spread all over the planet. But one day this terrible power got out of control, taking control over the planet. The Earthlings were forced to leave their planet to go to XYDRAPUR, the third moon of the planet Rydythar. Here they now try to built a new civi-lisation. But there is danger looming underground. Somewhere down in the earth an "ACS" is still working. Only one man can deactivate the ACS: STARMAN JONES Take over the role of STARMAN JONES and save mankind.
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GAME ID: 86040

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