Cavern Cobra

Apple IIGS Disk. published 32 years ago by PBI Soft., Inc.

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Cavern Cobra © 1987 PBI Software, Incorporated.

Cavern Cobra is a fast-action arcade game for the Apple IIGS with digitized sounds.


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Bonus Ammunition: 100 Points.
Bonus Armor: 200 Points.
Bonus Fuel: 40 Points.

Bunkers: 800 Points.
Gun Balloons: 100 Points.
Gunners: 40 Points.
Mines Hovering: 20 Points.
Mines MagnetiC: 80 Points.
Missiles Guided: 500 Points (5 Points If Destroyed On Ground).
Missiles: 20 Points (5 Points If Destroyed On Ground).
Radars: 150 Points.


Concept and Program: Greg Hale
Technical support and programming: Richard L. Seaborne
Sound: Jeff A. Lefferts, Richard L. Seaborne, Greg Hale
Manual: Richard L. Seaborne
Graphics: Mei-Ymg Dell'Aquila (Mei Designs)
Cover Art: Ken Toyama (Graphiken)

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