Catch 'N' Grab

A 8-year-old Coin-op Redemption Game by LAI Games

Not emulated in MAME


Catch 'N' Grab © 2010 LAI Games [Leisure & Allied Industries].

Catch 'N' Grab uses the same crane prize delivery mechanism as "Stack 'N' Grab", but the game play is different. Instead of Stacker, the player will have to win a game of "Drop Zone", another game from LAI. With an LED playfield, Drop Zone players attempt to catch a stack of blocks between two stacks of 'catcher' blocks, much like the children's game of dropping a ruler between your hands. If players are successful at catching the blocks to the Win level, they get to select their prize with the crane claw.


Catch 'N' Grab the Coin-op Redemption Game
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Presented at the IAAPA 2010

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