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Castlevania © 1987 Konami, Inc.

Castlevania is a side-scrolling platform action game. The player, taking the role of Simon Belmont, is able to jump and crack his whip directly in front of him.

Power-ups can be obtained by defeating enemies or by whipping candles that appear in the castle. One such power-up increases the power and length of Simon's whip. Different weapons can be gathered which consume hearts when used; these hearts can also be collected from monsters and candles.

Additionally, some walls will hide secrets such as the health-restorative turkey or the Double and Triple shot abilities for the weapons Simon has collected. At the end of each section of the castle is a boss, which must be defeated.

Progression through the castle eventually leads to a confrontation with Count Dracula himself.

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Castlevania for NES was released in May 1987 in North America.

The game was originally released in 1986 on the Famicom Disk System and known as "Akumajou Dracula [Model KDS-AKM]" in Japan.


* Hint, Location of money bags and treasure :

Level 1 : In the section with the water, break the far right block and kneel on the one below it. A money bag will appear.
When you first enter the game, walk left until you reach the door. Normally the door pulls you in. If you jump the door a money bag will appear on the other side. Remember to jump over the door again.

Level 2 : On the first screen, climb the stairs, break the wall on the right, and enter the space that is created. A crown will appear.

Level 2 (Second part, just after the Medusa heads disappear) : Stand on the pair of blocks that are slightly above the rest for a few seconds without kneeling.
A treasure chest will appear.

Level 3 (First part) :
After climbing the stairs, go to the right edge of the lowest level of blocks and kneel. A money bag will appear.

Level 3 (Second part) :
After climbing the stairs, kneel above the pair of blocks that are not reachable for a money bag.

* Hint, Passing the bats on level 6 : To get past the bats, walk past the first two, freeze the third with the clock in the nearby candle, jump over the fourth, and run quickly past the last candle. Note: This only works if you do not stop to whip any candles other than the one with the clock in it. Simple run as fast as possible.


1. Castlevania [Model NES-CV-USA] (1987, NES)
2. Vampire Killer (1986, MSX)
3. Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (1988, NES)
4. Haunted Castle (1988)
5. Castlevania - The Adventure (1989, Game Boy)
6. Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (1990, NES)
7. Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge (1991, Game Boy)
8. Super Castlevania IV (1991, SNES)
9. Akumajou Dracula (1993, X68000)
10. Castlevania - Rondo of Blood (1993, TurboGrafx CD)
11. Castlevania - Bloodlines (1994, Genesis)
12. Castlevania - Dracula X (1995, SNES)
13. Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (1997, PlayStation, Saturn)
14. Castlevania Legends (1997, Game Boy)
15. Castlevania (1998, Nintendo 64)
16. Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness (1999, Nintendo 64)
17. Castlevania Chronicles (2001, PlayStation)
18. Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (2001, GBA)
19. Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance (2002, GBA)
20. Castlevania - Lament of Innocence (2003, PS2)
21. Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (2003, GBA)
22. Castlevania - Curse of Darkness (2005, XBOX, PS2)
23. Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow (2005, DS)
24. Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin (2006, DS)
25. Castlevania - The Dracula X Chronicles (2007, PSP)
26. Castlevania - Order of Shadows (2007, Mobile)
27. Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia (2008, DS)
28. Castlevania - Judgment (2008, Wii)


Designed by: Akihiko Nagata
Music by: Kinuyo Yamashita


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [US] (apr.30, 2007) [Model FBHE]
Nintendo Wii U [Virtual Console] [US] (dec.19, 2013) [Model FB3E]

[US] Nintendo GBA (oct.25, 2004) "Castlevania [Classic NES Series] [Model AGB-FADE-USA]"
Nintendo 3DS [Virtual Console] [US] (apr.4, 2013)

[US] Commodore C64 (1990)
Commodore Amiga [US] (1990)
PC [MS-DOS, 5.25"] [US] (1990)
[US] PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (nov.16, 2002) "Konami Collector's Series - Castlevania & Contra"

Arcade [PlayChoice-10] [US] "Castlevania [Model PCH1-R-CV]"
Mobile Phones [US] (jul.7, 2004, Whit Remade Graphics)


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