Casino Strip [Upright model]

A 34-year-old Arcade Video Game by Status Games

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Casino Strip © 1984 Status Games.

A Strip Poker game. The player chooses an opponent from the 8 Ladies and Gentlemen and tries to win in a normal game of Poker. As soon as the computer-contolled opponent runs out of money he/she undresses, exchanging clothing for new in-game money. The actual Poker game is played on the lower screen, showing the player's current cards and status. The Strip scenes are displayed as short video clips on the top screen.
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Casino Strip [Upright model] the Arcade Video Game
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[Upright model]

The game is based on Laserdisc Video. The Laserdisc contains all Video scenes of stripping, attract mode and normal gameplay "idle" videos of the opponent. The remarkable part is that the machine is equipped with 2 screens, the lower one being used for the actual gameplay showing the deck of cards and status while the upper one shows the video part of the actual undressing. There were at least 11 different Laserdiscs available, each having unique opponents.


Also released as "Casino Strip [Counter model]". While most available Laserdiscs had a majority of women available as opponents (usually 6 women and 2 men) there was also at least one laserdisc available that had only male opponents. Unfortunately it is widely unknown that each Laserdisc is dependant from the matching PCB, so if you have a machine that came with for example laserdisc #3 and wanted to exchange it for Laserdisc #8 you would also need the matching PCB #8. Due to the unawareness of this many Laserdiscs were seperated from the PCB in the faith they would simply be interchangable by swapping the laserdisc, leaving many collectors with a bunch of Laserdiscs that can not be used in the machine as the appropriate PCB is missing.

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