Cash Inferno

A 15-year-old Slot Machine by Konami Gaming, Inc.

Not emulated yet.


Cash Inferno © 2003 Konami Gaming, Incorporated.

Cash Inferno is a 5-reel, multi-line, multi-denomination video slot game.


Can be configured as a standard video slot game, stand-alone progressive or a linked progressive.


Released in North America.


Bonus 1 - Rescue : On-screen event. Triggered by 3 or more Fire Alarm symbols in any position. The player must press spin to fight the fire. The total of win amount numbers left on the rooms is the bonus win amount. Bonus wins are paid in addition to the line wins.

Bonus 2 - Emergency : Second-screen event. Three or more water meter symbols from the left most reel to the right in any position triggers this bonus. The player must fight the fire by picking one flame on the floor shown. If a number appears when the flame is extinguished, it is a bonus win. In exchange for this bonus win, a water tank (there are six) becomes empty. When all water tanks are empty, the bonus game is over. However, if the fire rescue dog appears after picking a flame, the player advances to the next floor automatically without using a water tank for that spin. If the fire rescue dog appears on the top floor, the player is awarded an additional bonus amount, which is added along with any remaining water tank wins to the total bonus win. Bonus wins are paid in addition to line wins.

Konami's trademark.