Cash Explosion [Model PR2076]

Fruit Machine published by Mazooma Games

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Cash Explosion © 200? Mazooma Games.

Cash Explosion is a board game with hi-lo gamble. Cash explosion has numbers overlayed on 3 reels. These numbers add into an 11 position trail with position 8 or above starting the feature. Position 4 awards a trail bonus to help start the feature. Feature entry can also be achieved from a reel win.

Once in the feature, players use the start button to move around the board, collecting CASH, NUDGES, PICKS, LIGHTERS and DYNAMITES as they land on them. Players can be awarded the same item again by hi-lo gambling.

Collecting 3 LIGHTERS allows PICKS to be used to get WIN SPINS, CASH KNOCKOUTS, CASH, FEATURES or more DYNAMITE.

Collecting 5 DYNAMITES starts the Big Money feature.


[Model PR2076]

Technology : Scorpion 4
Cabinet : Eclipse Front-Opening
Jackpot : £25
Stakes : 30p play


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