A 24-year-old Arcade Video Game by Promat, Ltd

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Casanova © 1994 Promat Company, Limited.

Casanova is a Mahjong-like game made by Promat with girls. You play as a boy who wants to attract girls (hence the name casanova) and the coinup screen is actually the reason this games' plot exists. The boy is bored, so he decides to watch some TV. Finding nothing good until he finds a channel with girls dancing to the beat of a song that goes "Come on WHOO!" (Which might be an actual song). Then the boy thinks "I gotta get girls like these!" and gets up to find women lke the dancers. He then finds this palace of buildings named such as "The Girl's" and "WELCOM LADIES", and the spelling/grammar is slightly off as that's how it appears in-game. To get to the girls, the boy must solve puzzles in order to see their glory.
In true fashion, this game is pretty much Mahjong with a couple tweaks and of course, girls. There is a "special move" that makes a dancing super-hero figure show up for a little bit, then a missile drops down on the mahjong board, removing random tiles from the board. While this all happens, one of the songs from a 1970's Beach music EP plays (which I can't remember the name of and I'm too lazy to shazam). Once you complete a level, you get to see part of a girls' body.


Motorola 68000 10 MHZ CPU
OKI6295 1 MHz Sound Device


Lots of the sound effects in this game are stolen from somewhere, as none of the music appears to be original, the sound the TV makes when the boy changes the channel and selects a tile is ripped straight from Windows 98 (Utopia Exclamation sound) and the deselect title sound is also from Windows 98 (Utopia Question sound). This game also did very poorly due to the many already existing Mahjong games out there.

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