Capcom Puzzle World [Model ULES-00647]

Sony PSP UMD published 26 years ago by Capcom

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Capcom Puzzle World © 1997 Capcom Company, Limited.

Compilation of 5 Capcom titles for the Sony PlayStation Portable :
"Block Block" (Arcade)
"Pang" (Arcade)
"Pang! 3" (Arcade)
"Super Pang" (Arcade)
"Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo" (PlayStation)


[EU] Game ID: ULES-00647


Capcom Puzzle World for PSP was released on July 11, 2007 in Australia, and exactly two days later in Europe.

It was subsequently released on the PlayStation Network in Europe on November 19, 2009. It was then re-issued on July 9, 2010 as a PSP Essentials edition in Europe.

Manufactured in Australia by Activision, Inc.