Capcom Fighting Jam

A 14-year-old Arcade Video Game by Capcom

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Capcom Fighting Jam © 2004 Capcom.

This game is a mixup from various Capcom series : "Street Fighter II", "Street Fighter Zero (otherwise known as Street Fighter Alpha)", "Street Fighter III", "Warzard (otherwise known as Red Earth)", "Darkstalkers". The game features 4 (and sometimes 5 for boss characters) characters from each of the series :

From Street Fighter II :
* Ryu
* Guile
* M. Bison (Vega in Japan)
* Zangief

From Street Fighter Alpha :
* Guy
* Karin
* Rose
* Sakura
* Shin Akuma (Shin Gouki in Japan)

From Street Fighter III :
* Alex
* Chun-Li (she is originally from SFII, but she uses her SFIII sprites)
* Urien
* Yun

From Darkstalkers :
* Anakaris
* Demitri
* Felicia
* Jedah
* Pyron

From Red Earth :
* Leo
* Hauzer
* Hydron (Nool in Japan)
* Kenji (Mukuro in Japan)

Capcom Fighting Jam also features a new original character named Ingrid. She was originally supposed to debut in the canceled Capcom Fighting All-Stars project.

Each fighter uses the fighting system from which game they came from. Examples include the parry system for SFIII characters, the custom combo for Alpha characters, and the EX moves for Darkstalker characters.
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System 246 hardware


Released in October 2004.

This game is known in the US as "Capcom Fighting Evolution".

Many other Capcom characters can be seen in the stage backgrounds.

Suleputer released a 2 CD limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Capcom Fighting Jam Original Sound Track - CPCA-10101) on 22/12/2004.
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* Play as Alternate Character for Round 1 of a Match : Usually when a match starts, you will be fighting with the character that you selected first. To start a match with the character you selected second, simply hold any two kick buttons during the Vs. match screen. You will then start round one of that match with the character you selected last.


[JP] Sony PS2 (Dec.2004) [Model SLPM-65794]
[JP] Microsoft XBOX (Jun.2005) [Model A9B-00001]

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