Cannon Ball

Arcade Video game published 38 years ago by Novomatic

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Cannon Ball screenshot

Cannon Ball © 1985 Novomatic.

Cannon Ball is a game similar to Breakout except with a twist. Instead of having to clear all of the bricks, you have to destroy a "bat" being protected by all of the bricks. The "bat" tries to kill you by throwing monsters at you which, if hit by one, your paddle shrinks. Once your paddle is invisible, you get a game over. You can also eat the monsters by ramming into one once they are on your playing field.


Runs on the Pac-Man hardware.


Released in June 1985.

There are two bootlegs of this game. One made by Soft in the same year running on Crazy Kong's hardware, and another made by TV Game Gruenberg that also runs on Crazy Kong hardware. The only difference between Soft's and TV Game Gruenberg's bootlegs is that they have different color palettes.


Game's ROM.