Camp California [Model TGXCD1013]

NEC TurboGrafx-CD published 29 years ago by Turbo Technologies, Inc.

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Camp California © 1993 Turbo Technologies, Inc.

Give up the beach?? No way!! But the Big Cheese is going to turn it into a nuclear power plant unless you can buy it first. As Byron, you and the Camp California crew are planning a concert bash to raise the cash when the Ratz pack kidnaps your four buds and their instruments. Now you're driving all over California to rescue them and save the beach! Choose to be any of the dudes you set free to battle the Ratz in their heinous hideouts. Become Shred to nail' em with a tornado blast. Skateboard as Lil'l Bro and pop a wheelie on their heads. Together you can cream the Big Cheese's bogus plan!

- Number of players: 1.
- Number of levels: 28 stages within 9 different exciting locations to explore.
- Special features: Songs by the Beach Boys - Fun Fun Fun, I Get Around, Good Vibrations. Plus Camp California Opening Theme Music by Portia Music.
- Ages: 8 years to adult.

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Programming: Roman Scharnberg, Boris Remus, Christian Gustafsson
Design & Artwork: Jeff Troutman, Brian Babendererde
Artwork Support: Tom Zehner, Roman Scharnberg, Boris Remus, David Marsh
Producer: David Marsh, Eugene Evans
Dialogue: Brian Babendererde
Voice Actors: Randy Bender, Jim Cunningham, Nick Freeman, Randy Ladamer, Stephanie Miller, John Olsen, Nichole Pelerine (credited as Nichole Pereline), Mike Skubal, Jenner Snell, Walt Weaverman
Talent: N.U.T.S [Minneapolis, MN]
Audio Recording: Tri Audio-Video [Minneapolis, MN]
Special Thanks to: Brian Baker, Carol Balkcom, John C. Brandstetter, Kenneth Tarolla, Dennis Defensor, Mike Garber, Mike Casso, Joseph Gaucher, Janette Heersche, Teri Marsh, Traci Villa, John Podlasek, Sonoko Saito, Sandy Troutman

Fun, Fun, Fun: Brian Douglas Wilson (Words & Music by), Michael Edward Love (Words & Music by)
I Get Around: Brian Douglas Wilson (Words & Music by
Good Vibrations: Brian Douglas Wilson (Words & Music by), Michael Edward Love (Words & Music by)
Camp California Opening Theme: Deborah Wagnon (Words & Music by), David Logan (Words & Music by)

Characters Created by: Edward Garner, David Fontana

Dedication: Camp California dedicates this videogame to the philosophy that kids of all ages should let ''kids be kids''.
Camp California thanks: Edward Garner, Kelly Garner, David Fontana, Kelly Fontana, Tom Hulett, Char Hulett, Michael Edward Love (credited as Mike Love), Jacquelyne Piesen (credited as Jaqueline Love), Bruce Bronn, Debbie Bronn, Rich Klott, Evalyn Klott, Tom Hulett & Associates, The Beach Boys


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